Old to gold, Flitzerli E-Bike comes back to live

Last summer I’ve purchased this beat up, old swiss-made Ebike in Walenstadt near Walensee lake for «an apple and an egg»:

First I’ve stripped it down completely and threw away broken parts. And there were a ton of broken parts as I found on closer inspection! Front wheel, rear derailleur, shifter, Carrier, Battery mount, etc…

At this point I though «what have I done, this will be a classical Fass ohne Boden« as we say in Switzerland, where I would have been better of just buying a brand new Ebike. But not this time! I wanted to finish this project. Also, the battery was already ordered – no way back now.

The build

So I went shopping for new parts, and the list was looong 🙂 The battery I’ve ordered online at Aliexpress. The other parts I got from local shops. Some special parts the owner of flitzerli GmbH himself (Claudio Pfister) even brought by my house in person and gave me some helpful tips which was very kind. Many thanks to him at this point! If your from German part of switzerland, consider his affordable Ebikes at Pedelec flitzerli – Das farbigste Pedelec der Schweiz!

Part List:

  • Akku 36V 21AH (756Wh) from Aliexpress
  • Schaltung 7 Gang Shimano, Shifter
  • Rear Derailleur Shimano 7 speed
  • New chain
  • Schläuche und Pneus vorne und hinten
  • Vorderrad komplett
  • Griffe Ergonomisch
  • Gepäckträger
  • RĂźcklicht und Reflektor
  • Seitenständer
  • Sattel
  • Kettenschutz


After many hours in the garage and waiting a small eternity (almost 3 months) for the battery I could finally fire up the beast! And it worked! Such a cool feeling riding arround with after all the hard work. I use it almost daily now and it works better than I have ever dreamed.

Now look at the beauty 😉

What I’ve learned in the process

  • You can build an ebike with brand new battery under CHF 1000.-
  • How to mount new gear shifters and real derailleur
  • How to be very patient while adjusting shifting and breaking for hours
  • If in doubt or if you’re starting to get frustrated, support your local bike shop and let them do the hard part. It will save you hours and the result will be better
  • You can learn almost anything with Youtube-Videos. But having someone with experience give you tipps or show you something is way more efficient